Zoocchini 2Pce Knit Swim Diaper Set - Alligator

Zoocchini 2Pce Knit Swim Diaper Set - Alligator

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Your little one will look oh-so-cute taking a dip in the ocean or the pool, and your baby's swim will also be pool-friendly! ZOOCCHINI's worry-free Reusable, Waterproof Swim Diapers for your baby have UPF sun protection and are easily washable for simple care and maintenance. Their Reusable Waterproof Swim Diapers are lined with comfortable, soft mesh liner, and has an adjustable waist, tied to ensure a snug but comfortable fit. Unlike regular diapers, our Swim Diapers are designed to contain solid waste, which is mandatory for public pool safety. Designed for year-round use in swim schools, pools, spas, waterparks, amusement parks, resorts, beach Chlorine and Salt Water resistant fabric means prints and colors that stay bright through multiple uses. Reusable, Eco-friendly:

 Age 6-12M: 15-22lbs | Waist 7.25"-10" extended

Age 12-24M: 22-30lbs | Waist 8"-11" extended

Age 24-36M: 30-36lbs | Waist 8.75"-12" extended

Designed to be worn alone without need for a diaper. If using over a bathing suit or a diaper, please consider the next size up. 

  • Economical & eco-friendly 
  • Waterproof coated exterior to prevent leaks 
  • Use, Reuse, Repeat... no other diaper required 
  • Will not swell up in water